Letters to the Editor

A letter writer denounces Democrats. Read the clapback

Attendees watch as President Donald Trump delivers remarks during his rally in Van Andel Arena in Grand Rapids, Michigan, on March 28, 2019.
Attendees watch as President Donald Trump delivers remarks during his rally in Van Andel Arena in Grand Rapids, Michigan, on March 28, 2019. NYT

Dems are ‘ignorant and arrogant’

In his April 3 letter, Allen Litten hit the nail on the head when he asks “When will people realize the biggest threat to American democracy is the Democrats?” After three years of relentless media attacks with 2,800 subpoenas, 500 witnesses and 500 search warrants, they’ve found absolutely no evidence of collusion, conspiracy or obstruction, yet the Democrats’ ridiculous Kabuki theater is still going strong. They say, “This isn’t the end!” and “It doesn’t prove anything!” while they keep promoting the deceit, hatred and lies they’ve used to try and get rid of this president.

We’re all prone to think there’s something wrong with anyone who disagrees with us, but seriously, there’s something psychologically wrong with these people. Their ignorance, arrogance and lack of integrity boggle the mind until one wonders if there’s any sanity left in their party at all. They set up sanctuary cities and call illegal immigration immigration. They hate capitalism, white males, the rule of law, the presumption of innocence and the peaceful transfer of power, and love socialism, segregation and anti-Semitism.

They speak of a dying planet, hate nuclear power, gas and oil and want free education, free health care and a guaranteed wage for everyone. Their world has transgender men competing against women, children deciding their own gender and babies left to die after birth and wonder why they can’t compete in the polls. The bottom line is that despite all their hatred, lies and deceitful pandering, nothing they do will defeat this president in 2020.

Larry Bargenquast, Paso Robles

A familiar ring

Larry Bargenquast’s letter, “Dems are Ignorant and Arrogant,” reminds me of one of the president’s disjointed rants on Twitter. Among the inaccuracies and inane accusations, three things stand out.

First is the accusation that the Democratic Party is the party of anti-Semitism. To oppose Benjamin Netanyahu’s policies in the Palestinian territories is neither anti-Semitic nor anti-Israel, it is pro human being. The fact is, the majority of American Jews and Jews representing us in Congress are Democrats. Recent shootings in synagogues and other hate crimes against Jews have come from the political right, not the left.

The letter also mocks Democrats’ stand on climate change, when virtually every scientist in the world finds it to be the great issue of our time. The threat to our planet and the future of its inhabitants should be a major concern to everyone, not just Democrats.

Finally, Mr. Bargenquast tells the same stale story, that Democrats are motivated by a hatred of President Trump. Criticizing and investigating a president whose administration is one of chaos, who lies to the American people on a daily basis, who obstructs justice, who preaches division, hurls insults at individuals, and who accepts an enemy dictator’s word over his own intelligence agencies is not hatred, it is patriotism.

Tom Bauer, Morro Bay

Beware of falsehoods

The Tribune would do the public a service by refusing to print letters to the editor that contain falsehoods.

Larry Bargenquast’s letter in Sunday paper is one such example. He claims the Mueller investigation found no evidence of collusion, conspiracy or obstruction. Not true. One must assume Mr. Bargenquast has not read the Mueller report or is being willfully blind about its contents.

If there was indeed no evidence of presidential wrongdoing, then why does the report state that it does not exonerate the president? The letter goes on to state that Democrats hate the rule of law, another false assertion. Democrats have been standing up for the rule of law against President Trump’s continual assaults on it. Among other things, just this week Trump has defied valid Congressional requests and, in a speech on April 27, called members of the FBI “scum.”

That’s standing up for the rule of law? One more example. Bargenquast says that Democrats speak of a dying planet, mocking concerns about climate change. Climate change is happening now and is an existential threat to the planet. One only has to read the news to see that this is so.

Rick Derevan, Atascadero

Lighten up, Larry!

Once I saw the title of the letter, “Dems are ignorant and arrogant,” in the April 28 Tribune, I knew right away who wrote it: LB of Paso Robles.

Larry, you continue to push your vitriolic, hateful letters. Yet, your letters theme and use of words never seem to change. The enemy is the Democrats, and you are the friendly guy reminding us of our ignorance and arrogance. Really Larry!

Are there not three branches of government with defined roles? Our system is a democracy, not an autocracy. One of the hallmarks of a democracy is freedom of speech. You get to have your say and I get to have mine. This does not make us arrogant or ignorant. It simply means we see things differently.

Usually I don’t agree with your hateful letters, though I did agree with your closing comments. You are right that despite all of our hate, lies and pandering, nothing the Democrats do will defeat this president in 2020.

The Republican Party and president are doing a fine job to ensure that our president is a one-term footnote.

Lastly, we need people to work together, rather than continuing to throw grenades at those who see things differently.

Fred Raleigh, Paso Robles

A ban on ‘hate’

Per Larry Bargenquast’s name calling in Sunday’s Tribune, the vent, offered no solutions, just name calling, and smacks of the rhetoric that creates violence, not harmony. There can be no harmony in one’s life with this kind of inability to create solutions.

Larry, there’s so much you can do to channel your energy into helping others and quelling your anger.

Have you read Sinclair Lewis’ book, “It Can’t Happen Here?” For you to assume there’s something psychologically wrong with “these people,” is that your professional diagnosis? It’s presumptive and arrogant.

Hate is a very powerful word. In our family, it was banned.

We’re all in this together, it’s one weary planet.

Peti Johnson, Los Osos