Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor: Reader’s views on Animal Kingdom puppies, Kevin McCarthy

Animal Kingdom Pet Store on Dolliver St. in Pismo Beach.
Animal Kingdom Pet Store on Dolliver St. in Pismo Beach. dmiddlecamp@thetribunenews.com

Concerning the Animal Kingdom pet store and its discontinuation of selling puppies: I purchased my mini Yorkshire Terrier Elizabeth from them about a year ago. I had seen her there after the death of my 16-year-old dachshund, Ginger Rose. The tiny puppy had the same birthday as the pet I had lost. Like many people, I would walk by the cages with all the pedigreed dogs. I found the staff to be loving and the cages looked clean. Seemingly knowledgeable people were involved in telling me how to best care for and feed the puppy, who was eligible for AKC registration. As of now, Elizabeth is a well adjusted and bright dog.

Families would come and visit the pet store and it was a small, local place to see lots of animals. Something is not quite fair in this picture. This was my experience, although due to publicity even then I had looked for the worst yet not found it.

Marne Trevisano, Grover Beach

Why I’m an independent voter

In the late ‘70s, I seriously looked at the political scenario in our nation and decided to get involved by becoming a member of one of the political parties in power.

I did not like either the GOP or the Democratic Party for different reasons:

1. In my opinion, the GOP was not acting in the interest of the entire nation. It definitely was in the pocket of the very wealthy and did not really govern the nation. It ruled it. I was right. Today, I see no difference between the GOP and Putin’s oligarchs.

2. Even though I agreed in principle with many of the Democratic Party’s ideas and goals, I was very disappointed in the way this party dealt with the opposition. A reasonable number of its members did not or could not understand the meaning of:

a. The importance of the vote and the consequences of not voting.

b. The importance of “closing ranks.”

c. The importance of the separation of church and state. I have never seen, in over 50 years, a Democratic Party politician fiercely debate religiously bigoted GOP representatives about the need of not imposing their religious beliefs on the rest of the nation.

That is why I am an independent.

Fabrizio Griguoli, Shell Beach

Forgetful Kevin McCarthy

Former House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy denigrates the new Democratic majority in the House for failing to pass significant legislation in their first 100 days. Perhaps he forgot that when Republicans controlled both houses of Congress, they not only could not repeal Obamacare, in the eight years after it passed they also had failed to come up with a replacement of any kind.

Hopefully, the 2020 elections will jog his memory and the new plan announced by his fearless leader (better, cheaper, faster) will come to pass — or not.

Michael Morin, Los Osos

More on McCarthy

Rep. Kevin McCarthy’s opinion on the “failure” of the Dems’ first 100 days to adequately lead the house is an example of why Congress and our country continue to be so divided.

Mr. McCarthy is playing at Trump’s game and taking up Trump’s warped version of politics, which is pandering to his base by deflecting, obfuscating, villainizing, demonizing and diminishing anyone who may have different opinions, ideals and plans, all the while bragging about their great accomplishments and their wonderful strategies and visions for our ( their) country. It takes integrity, leadership, maturity, understanding and a true desire by our representatives to compromise, move forward and do what’s best, not only for their constituency but the whole of our country. It seems Mr. McCarthy is lacking.

Mary Berry, Avila Beach