Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor: Readers question Hotel SLO price, Armstrong viewpoint


Am I totally out of touch with reality? Can someone please tell me who would come to downtown SLO and spend up to $1,110 per night for a hotel room at the soon-to-open Hotel SLO? I guess the question isn't so much who, but more about what occupations, professions, etc. these people have that they would consider spending this kind of money for a room in downtown SLO? Who are the owners targeting? I would really enjoy an article in The Trib that would explain this.

Terry Tilton, San Luis Obispo

Don’t diminish sex crimes with euphemisms

After reading Cal Poly President Jeffrey Armstrong’s Viewpoint in the April 10 Tribune, I feel compelled to write. The term “sexual misconduct” is a term that diminishes what is going on at Cal Poly in regard to the rape of women. Mr. Armstrong needs to use a term which actually describes what rape is … a violent crime. It is not merely “misconduct.”

This euphemistic language implies the criminals are just “misbehaving” and affirms that opinion held by many that “boys will be boys.” How can we respect the male president of Cal Poly if he can’t state in stronger language how the university will react to male students who engage in “misconduct”? Any sexual assault is a crime and should be stated as such and reported and prosecuted as just that.

Nancy Dahl, Los Osos

Praise for homeless project is off base

In her April 14 letter praising the Homeless Services Oversight Council's (HSOC) recommendation to allocate state money to the homeless, Susan Hughes begins with a factual error, and fails to include a major problem included in that decision.

First, the HSOC did not “vote yes to increase services for our homeless population...” It simply made a recommendation to the Board of Supervisors as to which of the 18 applicants seeking available state funding should be awarded money.

Second and most important, she fails to mention that the Five Cities Homeless Coalition/People's Self Help Housing project included in their recommendation would be located in a church surrounded by a neighborhood of single-family homes in Grover Beach and Arroyo Grande. This location would require rezoning from single family residential to Neighborhood Commercial, violates Grover Beach's general plan and has been met with immediate and resounding opposition by neighbors near and far.

When the Board of Supervisors votes on April 23, they should look to the Paso Robles/ECHO project in the North County as a model for proper location, recognize that its South County counterpart is the polar opposite, and require that the applicants find an appropriate location before receiving any funding.

Kevin Watkins, Arroyo Grande

Is Newsom listening?

Relatives of murder victims are not happy with Gov. Gavin Newsom halting the death penalty. They have recently been protesting the move. I wonder if he's listening. Does he know several statewide referendums consistently supported the use of this penalty? Elites like our governor are rarely, if ever, exposed to violent crime. They live in lily-white communities with little to worry about. As governor, he has a police escort wherever he goes, 24/7. Meanwhile, the tax-paying families of murder victims will continue to help pay for prison lodging and health care for the killers. Mr. Newsom is just another out-of-touch politician.

Joel I. Cehn, Cambria