Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor: Reader’s views on Central Coast wind farms, Boeing 737

Floating offshore wind turbines have been in development since the mid-2000s. This turbine was installed in 2009 in Norway. The Navy may oppose fields of floating turbines off the California coast.
Floating offshore wind turbines have been in development since the mid-2000s. This turbine was installed in 2009 in Norway. The Navy may oppose fields of floating turbines off the California coast. PHOTO COURTESY OF TRIDENT WINDS

Reading the recent article “Navy’s wind farm concerns may not sink Morro Bay plan,” I was heartened to see Rep. Salud Carbajal and Assemblyman Jordan Cunningham joining together to bring wind energy to the Central Coast. Even though the Department of Defense is not allowed to speak about climate change anymore, it has previously acknowledged climate change is the greatest threat to national security that our country is facing. Transitioning to renewable energy will enhance our national security so the Navy needs to get a grip and the Bureau of Oecan Energy Management, which has the ultimate authority, needs to keep moving forward.

Linda Poppenheimer, Cambria

You blew it, Trib

I’m discouraged. I’m discouraged by the rush to judgment, without a shred of reliable evidence, condemning Boeing and the FAA, typified by The Tribune’s choice of political cartoon showing the FAA as an ostrich with his/her head buried, ignoring evidence.

After 2,000 hours of flight testing and over 200,000 hours of commercial in-flight service, the Boeing 737 Max 8 has performed flawlessly. Two planes operated by budget airlines crash, and suddenly everyone in America, including The Tribune, knows why. It’s obviously those greedy elitist fools at the FAA and Boeing in collusion, ignoring evidence and safety issues.

Yeah right, sure it is.

Nice work, Tribune.

Will Power, Arroyo Grande

In praise of legal immigration

Letter writers Don Allcock and Rev. Russell Brown appear blinded by the hypocrisy in their own eyes.

Pointing out that many of our relatives came through America’s original entry wall, Ellis Island, they fail to understand all that “wall” supporters want is a return to legal immigration, like all the folks who came through Ellis Island.

People who want the borders controlled are not against immigration; most want more legal immigration that benefits America and no illegal immigration that is bad for America.

Hopefully, Allcock and Brown can shed their hypocrisy and support legal immigration like all our ancestors did and stop supporting illegal immigration.

Sharliss Ferris, Arroyo Grande

Keep saving water

The March 15 article “Wet winter ends California drought after 376 straight weeks” gives the impression we no longer need to conserve water. While our wet winter has replenished much of the surface water reservoirs, no mention was made of the many years and even decades necessary for the groundwater basin to recover.

One wet year isn’t enough. Conservation of water should be a permanent concern and habit of everyone if we are going to have an adequate supply of water in the future.

Roger Vogler, Arroyo Grande

‘Saddened’ by lack of follow

I am saddened not to have read any follow-up comments on the article written by Monica Vaughn that appeared in your March 14 edition, “Cabral: It’s time to take the gloves off.”

My husband and I were particularly taken aback by Mr Cabral’s calling local concerns “parochial.” This glaringly highlights how little regard people from the inland valleys have for the place they come to play. Those of us who live here, pay taxes here, and deal with the noise, dust, pollution, etc. caused are seen as small-minded and our concerns childish.

Certainly, his comments make clear the fact that these chosen relaxation activities come at others’ expense is of no concern.

It would be interesting to see how they would react if we flooded their towns every weekend with vehicles, noise, dust and pollution ... doubt they would dismiss their own distress as “parochial.”

E.M. Howitt, Grover Beach

Heed the words of Ayn Rand

The Siren Song of socialism is being heard loud and clear, vociferated endlessly by the current bevy of vacuous government officials and jejune presidential aspirants. Those who heed the Song of the Sirens are inevitably drawn into the abyss, ultimately to disappear forever. We, who eschew the siren song of socialism, bid a speedy farewell to thee.

As Ayn Rand so irrefutably stated: “There is no difference between communism and socialism, except in the means of achieving the same ultimate end: communism proposes to enslave men by force, socialism — by vote. It is merely the difference between murder and suicide.”

Beware of the Siren Song.

August Salemi, Atascadero

Beware the ‘new’ Democratic Party

Regardless of party affiliation, we should all be concerned about the direction of the Democratic Party and its drastic turn to the left and our Congressman, Salud Carbajal, who is voting in lockstep with them.

When Democratic Congresswoman Ilhan Omar made vile comments regarding Jews and Israel, the House Democrats, including Carbajal, did not have the courage to sign a resolution condemning anti-Semitism, so sad maybe a trip to Krakow, Poland, and a visit to Auschwitz might open their eyes.

It seems the new Democratic Party stands for infanticide, open borders, high taxes, climate change propaganda, socialism and anti-Semitism.

Ralph Bush, Arroyo Grande