Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor: Readers weigh in on Diablo Canyon, San Luis Ranch

Diablo Canyon nuclear power plant is slated to close in 2025.
Diablo Canyon nuclear power plant is slated to close in 2025. The Tribune

▪ Our community would get to keep hundreds of millions of local tax income, along with over a billion dollars a year in indirect economic benefits for 20 years.

▪ The community will retain 1,500 high paying jobs for 20 years.

▪ Well over 1,000 neighbors and their families, who have lived and worked in our community for decades, will not have to leave.

▪ San Luis Coastal will not have to sell off school property and increase class sizes to cover lost tax income.

▪ Diablo Canyon can continue to produce power at a fraction of the production cost of its likely replacements, avoiding the rate increases required to construct less efficient alternatives.

▪ The extension will delay the planned rate hike to cover decommissioning costs and allow an additional 20 years to build up the reserve.

▪ Millions of tons of carbon and methane will not be sent into the atmosphere by its likely fossil fuel replacements.

▪ Continued nuclear production will reduce the amount of fracking required by its natural gas replacement.

▪ Non carbon-emitting renewable energy production can offset fossil fuel production instead of being wasted offsetting non-emitting nuclear production, thereby improving the atmosphere.

▪ We can avoid being as stupid as the Germans.

Mark Henry, San Luis Obispo

Goodbye, city of SLO

I’ve loved SLO for 25+ years.

I live in Los Osos and have loved going to many restaurants for lunch and dinner; shopping on Higuera Street; farmers markets on Thursdays and the Friday night concerts.

Thanks for taking away our parking. No more Court Street parking. No more parking across from Big Sky.

I’m not a youngster anymore. My knee hurts, my ankles hurt, and there are few dedicated handicap parking places.

No more free 90 minute parking in the garages or free after 6 p.m., and giving up parking places for residents for bicycle riders who don’t pay taxes for road maintenance.

The San Luis Ranch project between Madonna Road and U.S. 101 is set to add 580 new residential units, without the Prado Road overpass. It’s a nightmare driving the Madonna and Los Osos Valley Road now.

Why no bus from Los Osos to Costco, Home Depot, Madonna Plaza without having to go downtown, then wait for next bus — both ways?

Goodbye, San Luis Obispo, I can sit at home on my phone and order anything I need without, the aggravation of going to downtown SLO.

I know I’m not the only one who feels this way. More and more residents are avoiding downtown.

Not saying goodbye to San Luis Obispo forever, but...

Larry Sullivan, Los Osos

Fire hazard trees?

We got a notice that the San Luis Ranch bunch would be cutting down “fire hazard” trees. I knew that was not true and now we have practically a single line of trees back there where there used to be a beautiful forest.

Apparently, most of the trees that have been there for years and years, not causing fires, are now “fire hazards,” while I have to crawl through 10 miles of broken glass to get permission to cut down one tree in my yard and replace it with another.

I should have said it was a “fire hazard.”

Dan Balicki, San Luis Obispo