Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor: Time’s Person of the Year; housing; climate change

San Luis Obispo County is in a housing boom, but there is widespread concern that most of the new housing is unaffordable to many residents.
San Luis Obispo County is in a housing boom, but there is widespread concern that most of the new housing is unaffordable to many residents. dmiddlecamp@thetribunenews.com

League of Women Voters praises housing plan

The League of Women Voters commends the Board of Supervisors for agreeing to a plan to address the serious crisis of a lack of affordable housing in San Luis Obispo County. The bipartisan plan agreed to on Dec. 4 is an important first step.

We also commend the Housing Coalition for their persistent efforts to come up with a multi-faceted plan that could garner community-wide support. The League has long supported the creation of more housing for low-income and working families as vital to the economic health and social well-being of our communities. We look forward to seeing this happen as this long overdue plan is implemented.

As important as this plan is to the community, also important is the fact that members of the Board of Supervisors were able to work together, to focus on the problem and discuss it civilly, and to compromise. We are encouraged and hope this bipartisan plan to create more affordable housing augers well for 2019 as the board addresses other issues of importance to their constituents.

Ann Havlik and Cindy Marie Absey, co-presidents

League of Women Voters of San Luis Obispo County

Time magazine sends a powerful message

Guardians protect and serve the people; they risk their lives to provide the essential light that penetrates the darkness of ignorance. When anyone calls these individuals “Enemies of the People” or moves to inhibit, restrict or terminate their mission to find the truth, we are all threatened. Time magazine’s prestigious “Persons of the Year” award rings the clarion bell for all the world to hear. May its powerful tone give courage to all journalists risking their lives to speak truth to power.

Bruce Badrigian, Morro Bay

Sensible view on global warming

The Opinion piece by Jay Ambrose on global warming in the Dec. 10 edition is the most sensible article The Tribune has published on this issue in the 12 + years that I have been a reader. Despite what extremists may assert, very few thoughtful people deny that global warming is occurring. It is fair — and correct — to point out that warm and cold cycles have occurred before in the Earth’s existence. While acknowledging that human activity has affected the climate more than has ever occurred in the past, it is fair — and correct — to point out that we do not know with any certainty how much of the warming that is occurring today is due to human activity and how much is due to a naturally occurring cycle.

What we should be discussing is what are the most cost-effective and least disruptive measures we can take to inhibit global warming and thereby reduce the harmful effects. Demanding that all energy be renewable while insisting that none be built where you can see it won’t cut it. Neither will insisting that nothing be done until all the facts are known. All the facts will probably never be known.

Thank you, Mr. Ambrose.

Lawrence N. Benedict, Arroyo Grande