Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor: Readers weigh in on night hiking, gun control

Lady leads Sam and Kristi Look up Cerro San Luis on Saturday afternoon in San Luis Obispo. Wind and an overcast sky didnt deter Central Coast natives from traveling out and about on their weekends.
Lady leads Sam and Kristi Look up Cerro San Luis on Saturday afternoon in San Luis Obispo. Wind and an overcast sky didnt deter Central Coast natives from traveling out and about on their weekends.

Thanks for night hiking, SLO

My thanks go out to the San Luis Obispo City Council for their wise approval of a pilot program for evening hiking of Cerro San Luis during winter for a limited number of people each day with city-issued permits. I believe the city has achieved the right balance between access and preservation of our open spaces, and the council demonstrated its advocacy of healthy, active lifestyles on our beautiful Central Coast. Recently, friends and I enjoyed our first evening hike in several years, with city permits.

I have been hiking this peak on its wide, graded, safe road with a group of friends for about 30 years and appreciate the council’s support of our desire to maintain fitness outdoors all year round. A couple of years ago the city decided to curtail open space use of all the peaks an hour after sunset, which brought an end to our group’s long-time practice of hiking Cerro San Luis on winter evenings. Now we are so grateful to hike together again all year.

We are all professional, law-abiding, mature adults who share a love of open space and the environment. Most people in my hiking group work until 5 p.m. and we typically gather at 5:30 p.m. and are off the peak around 7:30pm. We are respectful of any neighbors and of the animals that live there. We will continue to be excellent stewards of our open spaces as we enjoy exercising in the fresh air.

Kathleen O’Neill, San Luis Obispo

The ‘Nanny-ization’ of San Luis Obispo

City Tsars have agreed to let you hike a small number of Cerro San Luis trails at night, but you have to have to show your papers (permits) to the police (rangers). No word on what the fee (revenue) for the privilege will cost you.

The city lord’s paternal largesse only extends to 8:30 p.m., so there is some question about whether night hiking will be permitted at all during the summer, when sunset is later than that. As a pilot program, you may not be allowed to hike the trails anymore if the powers-that-be determine you disturbed native animal habitat. George Orwell was wrong; things are worse than anything he had imagined in “1984.”

Bruce Curtis, Los Osos

Stunned and confused

I continue to be stunned into incomprehensible confusion when hearing or reading commentary by supporters of the Republican Party.

In his recent commentary, Victor David Hanson accused the “left-wing group, Antifa” of being guilty of threatening and mob-like behaviors during their protests against what Antifa and millions of other American citizens, who have no relationship whatsoever to Antifa, perceive as inappropriate, illegal and corrupt behavior on the part of the Trump administration, with the support of the Republican Congress.

How easily those now calling for a code of civil conduct to direct our political behavior conveniently forget the eight years in which they attempted to vilify a president who was a role model of intelligence, decency and integrity in the most despicable ways (clearly because of the color of his skin), including displaying effigies of President Obama hanging on the end of noose.

How conveniently Hanson and his cohorts forget the source of vile cruelty and promotion of violence we are all suffering from: It comes directly from their chosen role model who currently occupies the White House.

Wendy Deaton-Carsel, Cayucos

Guns are deadlier than knives

A reader wrote in a letter recently that “murderers are now using knives,” which they always have. How many of the 12 people murdered in Thousand Oaks would have died if the shooter only had knives? Or any other mass shooting — how about Las Vegas? Would there be 58 dead and 851 injured if he only had knives? How would he be able to reach them with knives perched from his hotel room high above the venue? Victims can run or hide from knives. The same cannot be said about high powered guns.

Janet George, Pismo Beach