Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor: Reader views on Atascadero downtown, county wage increase

Atascadero downtown.
Atascadero downtown. dmiddlecamp@thetribunenews.com

One lane won’t work in downtown Atascadero

The city of Atascadero has a plan to change our two lanes downtown to one lane with parking. This plan will not work in Atascadero because we have the middle school and high school coming and going two times a day. With this plan an already terrible traffic situation will become worse. People of Atascadero, please go to the next City Council meeting and voice your opinion.

Holly Moen, Atascadero

Victor Davis Hanson’s ‘Hypocritic’ oath

In his call for civic civility in our political and media life, Victor Davis Hanson’s (“It’s time for a civic Hippocratic oath,” Tribune, Nov. 15) list of transgressions seems to suggest that the transgressors are Democrats and the Liberal Media who are out to get Trump and his Republican cronies at any cost. The ugly fact is that if one were to look at the suggested code of behavior out of context, it reads like a litany of our leader in chief’s behavior.

“But I may be wrong” as Mr Trump likes to say after a lie so outrageous that even his sycophants at Fox News have trouble spinning it. Mr. Hanson could have meant his new code for all of us, including the president. I mean, it could be true, right?

Michael Morin, Los Osos

Jim Acosta vs. Donald Trump

Thanks a lot, Judge Kelley, for your ruling on the Jim Acosta White House credentials!

This ruling aside, however, all one needs to do is watch (preferably a few times) the video documenting the sour interaction between President Trump and Mr. Acosta (and other reporters) to understand what happened, and mostly why, on Nov. 7 at the White House news conference.

From the get go, President Trump aggressively, disrespectfully and demeaningly interrupted Mr. Acosta (and other reporters), not letting him complete any of his questions. Ms. Sarah Sanders’ statement that Mr. Acosta’s behavior was “boorish and disrespectful” is laughable, considering Mr. Trump’s behavior.

It’s also yet another slap in our faces and a gross insult to our intelligence that she ignores Mr.Trump’s documented behavior on video.

Ms. Sanders says there must be decorum in the White House. We all agree. But her boss has clearly been the “ instigator-in- chief” from his first day in office.

Amir Burstein, Los Osos

County employees deserve more

The Board of Supervisors is OK with imposing a 0.5 percent (yes, HALF a percent) wage increase on county employees. This isn’t even a COLA. It’s insulting and abusive.

There are too many children of county employees on public assistance because their parent can’t earn enough to pay for the outrageously expensive health care plans that the county offers.

A contract has been determined by a forensic accountant, arbiter and objective third-party to be inconsistent with basic fairness. Our neighbors and fellow SLO citizens need to know that county employees are grossly undervalued and taken advantage of by wealthy county supervisors who have no qualms about voting themselves a fair wage increase while the rest of the county applies for MediCal.

We don’t want to strike, because we lose pay. But this treatment by the board has gone on too long. We could have asked for more of an inequity increase (8 to 9 percent), but we didn’t. We asked for a measly 3 percent. And to counter with an insult of only half a percent? While providing vital services to the citizens of this county, most of whom do not make a livable wage to live here, we should at least be given a fair chance and a fair wage.

Kelly Wilson, Atascadero

Healthy smiles in Shandon

The Tolosa Children’s Dental Center would like to send thanks and congratulations to the community of Shandon upon the opening of Shandon Healthy Smiles, a state-of-the-art children’s teledentistry clinic at Shandon Elementary School.

This program, which will allow children to receive basic examinations and preventive care without leaving school, was the result of a partnership that included the Tolosa Children’s Dental Center, the Shandon Unified School District, SLO County Public Health and the University of the Pacific-Dugoni School of Dentistry.

We offer special thanks and salute the trustees of the Shandon Unified School District and their superintendent/principal, Kristina Benson, for their vision, courage and support for this project. We are confident this partnership will create many more happy, healthy smiles in your community.

Jon Hollister, president, Tolosa Children’s Dental Center