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Letters to the editor: Rep. Salud Carbajal vs. Justin Fareed

U.S. Rep. Salud Carbajal, left, is facing a challenge from Republican Justin Fareed for the 24th Congressional District, which encompasses  San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbara, and northern Ventura counties.
U.S. Rep. Salud Carbajal, left, is facing a challenge from Republican Justin Fareed for the 24th Congressional District, which encompasses San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbara, and northern Ventura counties. Tribune file photos

Carbajal is weak on immigration

Our current immigration system is broken. During Trump’s presidency immigration has been a hot topic, but there has not been much progress towards a long-term, beneficial solution to help individuals who are willing to go through the proper channels to become legal U.S. citizens.

While both parties are at fault for this logjam, one thing I can say confidently is that Salud Carbajal has not represented what I want to see done in Washington, especially on the issue of immigration.

Even though he continually talks about needing “comprehensive immigration reform,” he voted against a bill that would have funded high-tech tools at the border, provided more guest worker permits and allowed DACA recipients to stay here and renew their status every six years.

We have the opportunity this year to vote for someone who will represent what we want done in Washington, someone who, will “fight for a compassionate and fair merit-based immigration system.” That person is Justin Fareed. In the debates it was obvious that he actually cares about his future constituents, compared to Salud Carbajal, who has done next to nothing for our district except spew lies about his votes and what’s really going down in Washington.

Lorie Noble, Morro Bay

A vote for Fareed is a vote for Trump

A vote for Justin Fareed is a vote for the Republican positions on every issue. Fareed will vote to privatize Medicare, Social Security and Medicaid, a Republican goal.

He will vote to overturn the Affordable Care Act, including pre-existing conditions, another Republican promise. He supports tax cuts for the rich, ballooning our deficit by trillions.

He supports the racist immigration policies of Trump demonizing immigrants and putting children in private prisons. He supports ending legal immigration from Trump’s “S-hole” countries. He supports the misogyny of Trump who calls women dogs and pigs and mocks victims of sexual assault.

He supports Trump, who openly calls people of color low IQ, stupid and ugly. He supports the assault on our free press and journalists here at home and abroad. He supports Russia’s interference in our elections. Fareed supports these policies and the sexist and racist behaviors of Trump and the Republican Party. He is an “all-in” Republican. Fareed will vote to support the greed, racism, hate and misogyny of Trump who is the heart and soul of the Republican Party. A vote for Fareed is a vote for Trump and vote against democracy.

Christine Granados, Morro Bay

I’ll be voting for Carbajal

It has been my understanding that law enforcement and judiciary positions are nonpartisan. They are designed that way to avoid any actual or perceived political bias. I saw Sheriff Ian Parkinson in a television ad with and for Justin Fareed. So that myth, along with any credibility either man may have had, went out the window along with my support. I’ll be voting for Salud Carbajal.

Paula Schroeder, Paso Robles

Why Fareed ... again?

It’s a bit mind-blowing to think the Republican Party (District 24) continues to back and run an inexperienced, outmatched former UCLA football player candidate who has already lost a previous race against current Democratic U.S. Representative Salud Carbajal.

Where are all the other qualified, professional, experienced Republican candidates in District 24? Where are you hiding?

The situation is unreal, much like the advice to run misleading attack ads claiming a lack of concern for public safety against Carbajal, even though he served as a city of Santa Barbara police and fire Commissioner and served in the Marine Corps Reserves.

Time to wake up, GOP.

B. Jorgensen, Pismo Beach

Seastrand’s column sets reader’s hair on fire

Andrea Seastrand’s viewpoint, “Safety of law-abiding citizens is not a priority for Carbajal,” really set my hair on fire. To pick out one particular vote, Kate’s Law, pales in comparison to his voting record that affects all of his constituents in the 24th district. Because Republicans choose to highlight this in their TV ads, I ask you to look at Rep. Carbajal’s entire voting record on the website politicsthatwork.com. You will see a summary of that record. This includes his opposition to big business and a hawkish foreign policy and his support of taxing big business, taxing the wealthy, consumer protection, environmental protection, gun control, public health, a humane immigration policy, racial equality, countering Russian inference, a robust safety net and women’s rights.

A vote for Rep. Carbajal is a vote that, as Californians, will keep us more safe, on many fronts, rather than unsafe.

Exercise your right and vote on Nov. 6th. It is only way to affect change!

Victoria Grostick, San Luis Obispo

Why pick an inexperienced candidate like Fareed?

In Andrea Seastrand’s Oct. 1 column she dismisses Congressman Salud Carbajal’s years of community service by calling him a “career politician.”

Salud Carbajal served on the Santa Barbara County Board of Supervisors for 12 years before he ran for Congress. Isn’t that the way it’s supposed to work? Shouldn’t someone first run for a local office, learn how government works and become well grounded in the needs of his constituents before representing them on a national level?

Why are Republicans so whole-heartedly embracing inexperience? Republican candidates both for the office of California Governor and the 24th Congressional District have no record of government service. Government work is complex, it isn’t just something you walk into. Would you want the CEO of Apple to be someone who never used a computer? Should a school superintendent be someone who never worked in a district?

I respect Salud Carbajal’s experience. I think Justin Fareed is arrogant for assuming he could better. His lack of experience makes him more likely to simply be a cog in the party machine that helped him get elected. Only experience can contribute the perspective needed for an independent voice.

Anne Quinn, Atascadero

Fareed relies on scare tactics — again

The election season is here and the local Republican party, still unable to find a worthy candidate, drags out multi-loser Justin Fareed, who voters have soundly rejected time and time again.

Rightly so, because Fareed has little record of doing anything to help people of the Central Coast. You don’t have to be elected to help. I encourage voters to listen to Fareed speak in forums with other candidates. I have. He’s a party-line fax machine.

With no record of public service and no thoughts of his own, it is no surprise we are seeing the local TV plastered with his oh-so typical, slimy, scare-tactic ads against a decent hard-working opponent, Salud Carbajal. Hey, Mr. Fareed, if you want my vote don’t talk about your opponent. Don’t give us ads filled with promises we know you won’t keep. Tell us what you have done to earn our votes. Actions show character. So far, these ads make you look pretty shady.

Tony Hyman, Pismo Beach