Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor: Reader views on Atascadero City Council candidates

City Hall in Atascadero.
City Hall in Atascadero. jjohnston@thetribunenews.com

Susan Funk will energize Atascadero council

This election Atascadero residents have an opportunity to add vision, balance and objectivity to the Atascadero City Council by electing Susan Funk. I have known Susan for many years through our mutual involvement in the Atascadero High School Drama Program and other community activities. I have observed her energy, dedication and passion first hand.

Susan will bring much needed business experience, independence and objectivity to the City Council. Her decades of experience in business and community service have prepared her well for a seat on the council.

In my 40 plus years of involvement in community and government affairs, I have learned that the best solutions are achieved through considering and evaluating a variety of ideas and diverse opinions. Given Susan’s independence and objectivity, I know she will bring new energy and fresh ideas to the Atascadero City Council. She offers fair, balanced and inclusive representation for all Atascadero residents.

Learn more about Susan at www.FunkforCityCouncil.com.

Join me in supporting Susan Funk for Atascadero City Council.

Jim Patterson, Atascadero

Newsom would keep Atascadero on right track

I highly recommend Heather Newsom for Atascadero City Council. As a long-time resident and business owner in Atascadero, I’ve seen a lot of positive changes in recent years. I’m especially amazed at the downtown growth in just the past two years, with shops and restaurants filling our storefronts.

Our city is on the right track, and Heather Newsom will continue that trend by supporting an environment that’s friendly to business and encourages investment in our town. Heather is a business owner and working mom who is committed to our family friendly community and improving the quality of life for all residents. Please join me in voting for Heather Newsom for Atascadero City Council.

Kellie Avila, Atascadero

Susan Funk for Atascadero Council

I am writing to ask Atascadero voters to support Susan Funk for City Council. I am a business woman and volunteered for years with the Atascadero Chamber of Commerce Women in Business Committee. Susan owns and operates a local business. I am impressed by Susan’s can-do attitude and ability to listen to all stakeholders.

Her innovative ideas for revitalizing our downtown got my attention. Susan exhibits practicality that I think will appeal to a wide range of voters. I trust Susan to make efficient use of our city resources while working with the whole council to move Atascadero forward.

Marguerite Kelly Pulley, Atascadero

Dariz and Newsom would move Atascadero forward

City councils make many decisions regarding finance, business and planning. Atascadero voters have the perfect opportunity this election to add two business people to our City Council. Mark Dariz is an architect who’s served on the Planning Commission for eight years and Heather Newsom owns a long-established accounting business, preparing tax returns and handling payroll and other issues for her many clients.

Mark and Heather will further strengthen a City Council that operates in a forward-thinking way. Over the last decade, Atascadero made great advances with even more on the way; we don’t want to pump the brakes now! Allow Atascadero to continue moving forward by electing Heather Newsom and Mark Dariz to the Atascadero City Council.

Kim Croft, Atascadero

Vote Mark Dariz for Atascadero council

I am endorsing Atascadero City Council Candidate Mark Dariz. Mark has been my acquaintance for 27 years since the time he started at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo.

His rigorous education earned him a bachelor’s degree in Architecture. He is a hard-working and ambitious man with an impressive resume. He has managed his own successful architecture business for 15 years. He is currently serving on the Atascadero Planning Commission and has done so for eight years. He also serves on the Design Review Committee and the SLO County Regional Transportation Advisory.

As a member of the Kiwanis Club, he has been past president and is current treasurer. He has volunteered his time at the local park and design concepts for the Joy Park accessibility playground. He designed the current bandstand at the Lake Park.

Mark is dedicated to his wife of 27 years and his two children. I believe Mark will work to improve our city’s economy, infrastructure and civic team. Atascadero has been my residence for 30 years. I have worked and raised a family in this county. I would be proud to have Mark Dariz on the Atascadero City council.

Debbie Roller, Atascadero

Susan Funk is ‘breath of fresh air’

The Tribune’s September article about the three candidates vying for two seats on the Atascadero City Council does a good job of highlighting the vast differences in the caliber of the candidates. As the candidates’ answers to The Tribune’s questions show, Susan Funk stands head and shoulders above her two opponents. Where her answers reflected creativity, incisiveness and careful consideration, those of the other two candidates were little more than canned statements expressing contentment with the status quo.

Susan Funk’s arrival on the political scene in Atascadero is a long-overdue breath of fresh air. She is energetic, highly qualified and committed to working for the people of our community. Her council candidacy is self-made, borne of her genuine, individual desire to contribute to our city. Susan is completely independent of the stuck-in-the-mud political machine that has long dominated Atascadero city government and that is behind her opponents. With Susan Funk on the City Council, the people of Atascadero would gain a representative of our interests rather than those of politicians pulling strings from behind the scenes.

Susan Funk would be an ideal addition to the Atascadero City Council. I encourage every eligible Atascaderan to vote for her.

Len Colamarino, Atascadero

I support Susan Funk

As a former city clerk/elections official, it was necessary for me to keep my political preferences private. I no longer wear that hat. So I am throwing my new hat in the ring in support of Susan Funk for Atascadero City Council!

Susan’s intelligence is matched by the depth and unbiased manner in which she researches all sides of an issue. This open-minded thoroughness is indispensable for those who would lead our city. Susan is an enthusiastic and energetic visionary with the ability to bring life to her visions. She does this by creating win-win situations for all involved … a must-have skill for city leaders who face so many challenges that will affect our residents far into the future. I have worked with many City Councils over the course of my career. I have complete confidence that we couldn’t make a better choice than to vote for Susan.

Check out her website and see if you don’t agree: www.funkforcitycouncil.com!

Audrey Hooper, Atascadero

Dariz and Funk for Atascadero City Council

A candidate for Atascadero City Council should be rooted in our community. He or she should understand what we — the voters — are looking for.

This November we have three first-timers running for City Council. Our main priority is to know “why” they are running. We want candidates who are able to explain why they got into the race and their positive vision for our community.

We look for individuals who know what matters to them and are willing to stand up for those values even when it is difficult

Mark Dariz has lived in Atascadero for 10 years and serves on the city Planning Commission. Serving with Mark on the commission has taught me that he is a serious, thoughtful and open- minded public servant.

Having known Susan for five years we are impressed with her willingness to listen to our views and opinions. With10 years of public service in our community, Susan has actively interacted with many of us and knows what we are looking for and how to be a public servant.

They know “why” they are running and what matters to the community.

Tom and Linda Zirk, Atascadero

Funk would provide constructive leadership

I moved to Atascadero because I think this is the best part of the country to live in. Early in my career I served as an adviser to the City Council of Los Angeles. I saw first hand how critical it is to have creative, constructive and open minded representatives if we are to preserve where we have chosen to live, while still managing the changes that we must confront. And I witnessed what can go wrong when that constructive leadership is missing. That is why I support Susan Funk for Atascadero City Council.

Susan understands what is needed to preserve what is best about our neighborhood, and what we need to do to keep our future strong. And her experience in business has made her recognize that we must work together to build that future.

We need consensus building leaders with a positive and unifying vision as we confront these challenges. A vote for Susan Funk is a vote to forge that stronger community.

George Williams, Atascadero

Susan Funk turned homeless shelter event into a campaign stop

I would like to thank all the community members and businesses that supported ECHO Homeless Shelter’s Long Walk Home event on Aug. 25. It was a great turnout and show of support for an organization that is helping people who are less fortunate than ourselves.

I was surprised, however, that one candidate for Atascadero City Council tried to turn the walk into an hour-long commercial for her campaign. Susan Funk brought 20 people in campaign shirts, wagons with bubble machines and an extra-large campaign banner to announce she was in attendance. This kind of political self-promotion was not right and can jeopardize ECHO Homeless Shelter’s non-profit status with the IRS.

I did notice that the other Atascadero City Council candidates and local elected officials who participated were respectful and made it their priority to remember they were participating to support the ECHO Homeless Shelter.

Vicky Morse, Atascadero

A response to Vicky Morse

Thank you, Mrs. Morse, for highlighting the work of ECHO, North County’s only homeless shelter, and the joy and celebration inherent in their Long Walk Home event. It is true that many Atascadero residents, longtime ECHO volunteers for different community groups, decided to don Susan Funk campaign shirts and make it known that we think Susan is the candidate to choose if you value the work of ECHO and want to seat a council person who cares deeply about all members of our community.

One of my favorite memories from that day was watching the kids play with the bubbles our campaign brought. Kids who stay at ECHO, kids who do not. They were all the same and completely happy playing together. One of the best pictures taken that day was of a toddler with a bubble wand. I recommend everyone go to ECHO’s facebook page and find the picture under “photos.” While there, you can consider how best to help this amazing organization.

Christina Asdel Cisneros, Atascadero