Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor: Voter views on Morro Bay mayoral, council races

Future development along Morro Bay’s waterfront is among the issues of the 2018 mayor and City Council races.
Future development along Morro Bay’s waterfront is among the issues of the 2018 mayor and City Council races. The Tribune

Don’t believe Morro Bay’s ‘fear tactics’ on sewer

Morro Bay Mayor Jamie Irons’ ongoing assault on the truth about his proposed sewer project has been disgraceful, and his most recent comments about Citizens For Affordable Living (“CAL”) are no different. The city of Morro Bay has relentlessly used disinformation and fear tactics to get its “pet project” approved.

Here are some verifiable facts:

Euphemistically called the Water Reclamation Facility (“WRF”) the project is everything but that. The WRF will consist of a custom, one-off designed sewer plant, built 3 miles inland and uphill from the current plant, at the door step of an adjacent property whose owners have tried for years to develop it.

By the way, there is no proven recycled water component to the project. So, the sewer water will likely be pumped uphill 3 miles, treated, then pumped 3 miles back downhill and dumped into the Pacific Ocean just as it is today.

For those of us who oppose this project for any reason — we hear fear tactics and disinformation from the city like: “Complete the project now or we’ll be another Los Osos.” “We’ll be fined $11,000/day if we stop now.” “We’ll lose our low interest financing.”

Enough is enough. On Nov. 6, residents of Morro Bay have a chance to elect open and honest leaders. Be sure to vote.

Jeff Heller, Morro Bay

Editor’s note: Jeff Heller is a candidate for Morro Bay City Council.

John Headding for Morro Bay mayor

While I believe both John Headding and his challenger would do a good job if elected mayor of Morro Bay, I am going to vote for Dr. Headding for two reasons. The first is because he has served on the City Council four years and will hit the ground running. Important issues will be coming in front of the City Council in the next year and I don’t feel the city can wait while their leader gets up to speed. The Tribune agreed on this point when they endorsed Dr. Headding.

The second reason is the new sewer plant. Headding is committed to moving forward with the existing project. While his challenger has not been specific about his intentions, his campaign is closely aligned with two City Council candidates who have publicly stated they want to stop the current sewer project. I was a member of a four-person citizens committee that reviewed in depth the project’s costs and financing. Any delay will only increase the monthly rates. Anyone who believes otherwise has not taken the time to do their homework.

It is for these reasons that Dr. John Headding is getting my vote.

Homer Alexander, Morro Bay

Seven reasons Morro Bay should elect Dawn Addis

I support Dawn Addis for Morro Bay City Council for several reasons:

▪ Dawn is approachable and willing to listen to all perspectives.

▪ Dawn is a working mother with school age kids and will bring that to a council that does not currently represent that demographic.

▪ Dawn is intelligent and able to look at issues with a deep lens. She asks the right questions and does her research!

▪ Dawn cares about making sure we have water security in Morro Bay.

▪ Dawn cares about housing for seniors and the next generation.

▪ Dawn cares about local jobs and wants to grow our economy while keeping our small town feel.

▪ Dawn is on the Citizen’s Finance Advisory Committee and understands the need to keep our budget balanced.

I am honored to cast my vote for Dawn Addis and I know Morro Bay will benefit from her service.

Kyla Grafton, Morro Bay

Dawn Addis for Morro Bay Council

I first met Dawn Addis at a candidate’s “meet and greet.”

I was impressed by Dawn’s ability to sincerely ask about my views and desires for the community. She asked direct questions and listened to the answers. I watched her spend time with everyone willing to have earnest discussions. It was easy to see she was ready to hear from the people and apparent she had “done her homework” to understand all aspects on a range of issues. She is informed and courageous — ready for cooperative decision-making.

Like small towns everywhere, Morro Bay is faced with challenging times.

Dawn Addis gives me confidence that she can be trusted to do what’s best for all of Morro Bay’s residents, whether the issue is infrastructure, the environment, finance, or, anything else we have to accomplish to keep our seaside town thriving.

Tom Harrington, Morro Bay

Dear Trib: Why Jesse Barron?

I appreciate The Tribune endorsing Jesse Barron, Dawn Addis and Jan Goldman for Morro Bay City Council because each of these candidates supports the forward momentum of the current sewer/water reclamation project.

But why in the world would Jesse Barron be your top choice? Those who are not paying close attention to this race, please do not rely on this inequitable, flippant endorsement that will have real impact to Morro Bay. Your top endorsement of the least qualified yet male candidate baffles me.

Is it that difficult to endorse smart, dedicated, pragmatic women to office? Both women are highly qualified, bilingual, educators, volunteers, staunch community stewards and long-time Morro Bay residents. I have personally witnessed the commitment Dawn has demonstrated in these last few months; making concerted efforts to meet and talk with all citizens in Morro Bay, meeting with key leaders, asking and earning their trust and endorsements. I believe The Tribune to be incredibly misguided in their research within Morro Bay community before making their endorsement. Dawn Addis and Jan Goldman are leaders beyond the WRF project and have earned my trust and vote for the two open council seats.

Gail Bunting, Morro Bay

Morro Bay needs Betty Winholtz

The city of Morro Bay needs Betty Winholtz on City Council because Betty has a record of being honest, she respects the laws that protect the rights of all citizens, and she is committed to protecting the natural and built environment and to strict management of public funds.

When the City Council approved illegal development of Cerrito Peak, Save the Park with Betty on the board of directors filed a lawsuit to protect that irreplaceable open space — and won. Now the Morro Bay Open Space Alliance is working to protect it in perpetuity.

Betty will take a stand against unnecessary studies and reports. For example, there are five siting studies for the sewer plant and two useless Master Plans for it, with no environmental review, that have never been adopted.

Betty will insist on noticed public hearings for amendments of the General Plan as required by state law. During this year the City Council has approved highly contested General Plan amendments on its consent agenda, with no discussion unless requested, including the Downtown Strategic Plan and limitation of vacation rentals.

Business as usual in Morro Bay needs to be changed. Vote for Betty Winholtz for City Council.

Cynthia Hawley, Morro Bay

Candidates Headding and Addis stand out in Morro Bay

The mayoral and council candidates forum brought to Morro Bay voters by the Chamber of Commerce and the League of Women Voters enabled us to compare the candidates side by side. The program provided a clear display of who is running and how they would lead. The candidates showed their true colors in a forthright manner, given the format of turns and timed responses.

Two candidates stood out from the group. John Headding, a four-year council member, competently led the city in developing a realistic sewer solution after years of delays. The Water Reclamation Facility approved by the council is the most modern and affordable of all the proposed projects. Years of study, compliance with regulations and securing financing have gone into the decision, and John Heading has a grasp of the process and how to proceed. He will keep us on track as mayor.

Dawn Addis, co-founder of Women’s March SLO, came prepared to show her foresight and ability to offer reasonable solutions, including knowledge of the water project. As council member her experience in building consensus will help keep the city focused on how to proceed forward.

Much rides on the outcome of this election. Let’s choose wisely.

Carol Swain, Morro Bay

Trib ed board, your misogyny is showing

Your Morro Bay Council endorsements paid attention to the most important issue in our community, the WRF. That’s great. However, your top council endorsement, to a man who has done almost nothing and brags about it, reeks of misogyny. It’s very disappointing that you did not care to take the time to vet the candidates.

Dawn Addis has accolades you could have discovered in your own coverage. “Woman of the Year” and “State of the Union Address Guest” are just two. This was no accident. This was because Dawn distinguishes herself through hard work, being well-researched, and advocating for her community.

Dawn is versed in city matters, note her appointment to the Citizen’s Finance Advisory Committee. Dawn is endorsed by four of five City Council members, Congressman Carbajal, state Sen. Bill Monning, Supervisor Bruce Gibson and a slew of Morro Bay business owners and residents. This is because she takes time to build bridges and understand issues. Exactly what a council person should do. Dawn is not like any other candidate running. In fact, she is the best candidate for the tough road ahead.

She has easily earned my vote because she is a true leader!

Julie Sherrod, Morro Bay

Your Morro Bay Council endorsement: Ugh!

You present two female candidates as runner-ups, when they deserve to be your top picks. A skirt’s a skirt, right? Not.

Dawn Addis and Jan Goldman have successful careers and volunteer on advisory committees. Each has received prestigious awards, Congressional Woman of the Year and Citizen of the Year, respectively. Do they sound similar? Sure. Does that mean these accomplished women should be lumped into the second-string, vote-for-whomever category? No.

I am bewildered by your lack of effort to dig in. Women are stepping up to do the work, it’s time you do too.

Jen Ford, Morro Bay