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Letters to the editor:‘Democrat’ women are waging war on white men; Measure G

Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh opening: ‘This is a circus’

In an emotional opening statement Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh strongly refuted Dr. Christine Blasey Ford’s sexual misconduct allegations during his senate hearing opening statement.
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In an emotional opening statement Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh strongly refuted Dr. Christine Blasey Ford’s sexual misconduct allegations during his senate hearing opening statement.

The only thing the war on white Christian males has proven is that all the racism and hatred displayed by these Democrat women are at once bone deep and ugly. Any honesty, decency and fairness they once might have held are now obsolete until they’ve become unabashedly illogical, corrupt and rotten to the core in their treatment of men like Brett Kavanaugh and any others who run counter to their beliefs.

#MeToo liberals are telling colleges to add “Toxic Masculinity 101” courses to their curriculum. According to The Week Magazine, the University of Texas is hiring a healthy masculinities coordinator to help young men break the cycle of “being fiercely independent, success-minded, and taking care of people,” in order to break the cycle of harmful norms they’re teaching men in the a capella choir and ultimate Frisbee teams to stop whistling at women and saying things like “you throw like a girl.” Soon they’ll be conducting classes on the proper care of man buns and creative toenail painting.

Winston Churchill once said “Socialism is a philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance and the gospel of envy” and day after day these women are proving him right.

Larry Bargenquast, Paso Robles

Seastrand’s column sets reader’s hair on fire

Andrea Seastrand’s viewpoint, “Safety of law-abiding citizens is not a priority for Carbajal,” really set my hair on fire. To pick out one particular vote, Kate’s Law, pales in comparison to his voting record that affects all of his constituents in the 24th district. Because Republicans choose to highlight this in their TV ads, I ask you to look at Rep. Carbajal’s entire voting record on the website politicsthatwork.com. You will see a summary of that record. This includes his opposition to big business and a hawkish foreign policy and his support of taxing big business, taxing the wealthy, consumer protection, environmental protection, gun control, public health, a humane immigration policy, racial equality, countering Russian inference, a robust safety net and women’s rights.

A vote for Rep. Carbajal is a vote that, as Californians, will keep us more safe, on many fronts, rather than unsafe.

Exercise your right and vote on Nov. 6th. It is only way to affect change!

Victoria Grostick, San Luis Obispo

Here’s why I’m voting yes on Measure G

I live in rural SLO County, and the water for my household comes from a 300-foot-deep well. The idea that a fracking company would be allowed to pump chemical-laced water into the earth and potentially contaminate our well is unacceptable. Fracking is a direct threat to my family’s health and our property value, and the same holds for the vast majority of rural residents of this county who depend on ground water. Please join me in voting yes on Measure G to protect our water!

Michael Costello, San Luis Obispo

Those who forget the past....

Several times recently I have heard someone say “Anybody but Heidi” in reference to the race for mayor in San Luis Obispo. I would like to remind voters that only a few years ago the phrase was “Anybody but Hillary” and look where that got us.

Bob Vessely, San Luis Obispo

Don’t be confused by Big Oil

I urge readers to inform themselves on Measure G, and not be confused by the Big Oil misinformation. Measure G does not affect current operations, but gives SLO County people the power to rescue their most precious resource: water. The arguments put forward are designed to confuse voters. Measure G prevents using local water resources to fracture Monterey Shale and adding acid treatments to the ground in order to extract oil. It prevents these oil companies from working around the county approved plans for protecting our resources.

Drinkable water is necessary for life, for our survival. The risk of becoming another Flint, Michigan, is not worth it. Nor is Measure G likely to make a dent in America’s oil production.

Vote yes for Measure G.

Jim Carlisle, Atascadero