Letters to the Editor

Dismissive treatment of women continues

Dismissive treatment of women continues

I grew up in an era and place (the South in the ‘60s) where it was not uncommon for men to berate women as “two-timin’, lyin' b*%ches” out to make men look bad, take advantage of them, etc. I was fortunate to have been raised by an honest, hard-working, compassionate woman and recognized what I heard in those men as their own need for validation, acceptance, or need for power and control.

Now I hear similar remarks, although put more subtly, by some of the most powerful men on the planet, our own representatives and senators in Congress. So easily they dismiss the agonizing words of women who have been so wronged by one of their colleagues, women who have had to endure years of pain by the men’s actions and continue to endure death threats and humiliation by speaking up about their abused pasts.

Just like those diminished men I saw in my youth, I recognize the same need for power and control in the men in Congress today, a need for which they will do anything to fulfill, no matter how low they have to go. How we allow those people to stay in office is almost beyond belief.

Mark Tomes, Santa Margarita

I support Susan Funk

As a former city clerk/elections official, it was necessary for me to keep my political preferences private. I no longer wear that hat. So I am throwing my new hat in the ring in support of Susan Funk for Atascadero City Council!

Susan’s intelligence is matched by the depth and unbiased manner in which she researches all sides of an issue. This open-minded thoroughness is indispensable for those who would lead our city. Susan is an enthusiastic and energetic visionary with the ability to bring life to her visions. She does this by creating win-win situations for all involved … a must-have skill for city leaders who face so many challenges that will affect our residents far into the future. I have worked with many City Councils over the course of my career. I have complete confidence that we couldn’t make a better choice than to vote for Susan. Check out her website and see if you don’t agree: www.funkforcitycouncil.com!

Audrey Hooper, Atascadero

Remembering Bill Denneen

More than 20 years ago, I interviewed Bill Denneen for Senior Magazine. He was truly an unforgettable human being.

At an advanced age, he was living on his own in a house where he created a farm that fed him and was watered by drip irrigation from rain barrels; kept a goat for dairy needs, waste disposal and fertilizer; used only his bicycle for transportation; and operated a no-fee hostel for travelers who “paid” for the bed by working on projects.

All of this while keeping a warden's-eye watch over his beloved dunes.

The Tribune article (Sept. 24) said he died in his sleep. A righteous death for a righteous man.

Marvin Sosna, Morro Bay

Here’s why Cambria residents should file a Prop 218 protest

The Cambria CSD is without a general manager. The $13 million + Supplemental Water Supply Facility has yet to be fully permitted and the present board has overseen and approved a great deal of wasteful spending. There has been an excessive use of consultants and competent employees have left the district due to the poor working environment.

On the other hand, the CSD has an experienced staff. Our capital reserves have not been depleted and operations can continue unaffected for the near term.

A successful proposition 218 protest would give the new board the opportunity to reconsider the future of the district and present a revised water and sewer rate increase proposal. Town hall meetings would be in order to explain the rationale for the more contentious issues.

In selecting board members, we should strongly consider the skill sets that are missing from the present board, i.e. corporate and government financial experience and relevant engineering backgrounds.

The sky is not falling. Life will go on in beautiful Cambria. The water will continue to flow and the wastewater will continue to go.

Let us take the time to get it right. Submit your Proposition 218 written statement of protest to the CCSD.

Allan MacKinnon, Cambria