Letters to the Editor

I stand with Seastrand

Afternoon traffic jam on the congested Hollywood 101 Freeway in Downtown Los Angeles.
Afternoon traffic jam on the congested Hollywood 101 Freeway in Downtown Los Angeles. TNS

I totally agree with Andrea Seastrand’s Viewpoint, “Join taxpayer advocates in voting yes on Proposition 6” in the Sept. 16 Tribune.

There is no doubt that California’s roads are in bad condition, but it is not from a lack of money. Our legislators have, for years, used the funds designated for highway maintenance for other pet projects in their districts. All politicians like to point to new highways they were able to get built in their district, but have you ever heard one brag that road conditions in their district are better than other areas?

Politicians have one ready solution to any problem (even though they may be the cause) and that is to throw more money at it. They should, instead, try to find sensible solutions. If our roads are deteriorating from heavy traffic, change construction specifications for new roads. Improve inspections of construction materials, methods, manpower, etc. If highways in states like Minnesota, North Dakota and Montana, which have huge temperature variations, can be built and maintained in better shape than ours, at a much lower cost, then we taxpayers should demand a complete overview of our state Department of Transportation.

We are tired of being “taken for a ride” by incompetent government personnel.

Stanley D. Schaffer, Arroyo Grande

Why vote for Bill Ostrander?

Because I believe in clean water and health care for everyone, affordable education, sustainable agriculture and transitioning away from fossil fuels, I am voting for Bill Ostrander for State Assembly. I want a representative who is not indebted to corporations, which is why I “put my money where my mouth is” and contributed to his campaign fund.

Kathleen Aragon, Atascadero

I’m sticking with Heidi Harmon

I endorse and call for voters to re-elect Heidi Harmon as mayor of SLO. She isn’t perfect, but she’s got good progressive instincts. I do fear she’s fallen into being guided and advised by too many professional Democratic Party political hacks. One really bad move was having no question/answer/comment period at the end of the recent Community Meeting/Conference on Homelessness in SLO. It was like a multi politician/bureaucrat/talking head lecture presentation. Not a good approach, and not progressive.

But compared to the ultraright wing gadfly and “NIMBY on steroids” character running against her — Keith Gurnee — Harmon comes out looking very good indeed. SLO needs the youthful and energetic vision of Heidi, not the old line, elitist, gentry oriented, “get off my lawn” tone of Gurnee. I doubt he even really believes the things he says against development. I think he’s just using it to appeal to voters who pine for the SLO of the 1950s. Development must be sensible and not overpowering, but some development is inevitable and necessary.

Remember that Heidi only won in 2016 by 47 votes. It’s important for all with a progressive outlook to vote in this 2018 election, and for more than just SLO mayor. Many state issues and many candidates on the ballot. Register and vote please.

Jim Griffin, San Luis Obispo