Letters to the Editor

Tribune: Your content proves you are liberal, anti-Trump socialists

The Tribune office on South Higuera Street.
The Tribune office on South Higuera Street.

The reason Trump hasn’t complained about The Tribune’s fake news is because your so-called newspaper is not read by anyone but your liberal socialist choir you preach to and a few diehard conservatives like me who can’t break an old habit of reading a morning paper.

You guys can join all the other liberal, fake newspapers that claim the journalists are fair, but your paper’s content proves you all are in the tank for the Democrat’s agenda! Almost every article, cartoon and editorial is anti-Trump and all of you totally ignore all the real news proving the corruption and lies perpetrated by the Democrats and Obama government plants.

To call yourself fair and balanced is delusional on every level. You can keep surrounding yourself with like-minded socialists and continue to preach to your liberal choir, but real fair-minded people see who you really are, which is why your circulation numbers continue to plummet.

Allen Litten, Atascadero