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Tribune editorial has newspaper’s founder ‘spinning in his grave’

Walter Murray as a young attorney in 1858.
Walter Murray as a young attorney in 1858. Courtesy Photo

Tribune founder Walter Murray must spin in his grave after reading the anonymous “Editorial Board” opinion of Aug. 12. Murray led and lived in San Luis Obispo.

Murray’s Tribune would take on the state if it told San Luis Obispo’s residents how to live. No more. A Tribune Editorial Board living in places like Arroyo Grande and Atascadero is willing to collaborate with a City Council force feeding us overdevelopment.

Heidi Harmon and Carlyn Christianson claim “the devil (state) made me do it” when shoehorning monstrous high-density development, without parking or infrastructure, into our neighborhoods. Cosmetic falsehood!

San Luis Obispo needs a council with leaders committed to advancing historic quality of life. Nothing in the new California statutes would have prevented Ken Schwartz, Allen Settle, Kathy Smith, Donald Q. Miller, Louis Sinsheimer or Walter Murray from making findings that overdevelopment threatens public health of our neighborhoods. All would have stood up to attacks on local control.

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The new state statute holds plenty of exceptions, work-arounds and alternatives to let cities develop affordable housing without turning established neighborhoods into overcrowded slums. San Luis Obispo needs a competent, courageous mayor. T. Keith Gurnee is the candidate with that experience, courage, expertise, leadership and commitment to protecting San Luis Obispo’s quality of life.

Stewart Jenkins, San Luis Obispo

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