Letters to the Editor

We can only take so much bullying

Marc A. Thiessen’s column in Friday’s Tribune brings to mind the story of the bully on the playground who was forever beating up classmates until one small kid just got tired of it and smacked him back. When brought before the principal the bully cried, “He hit me!” which of course was true. The small boy said “Yes, I did ... and I know it was wrong but how much was I supposed to take?”

So the GOP is complaining now about unstable people being goaded into hitting back after our leader encourages his followers to go out and “get” dissenters? Anyone who doesn’t agree with him, including our free press, when it expresses opinions and prints facts which put him in a bad light is fair game.

Thiessen objects to the opposition expressing their frustration and anger because this just encourages more violence. We need more civility.

Fair point. OK, you first, Mr. Thiessen.

Mary Ross, Cambria