Letters to the Editor

SLO Stringer hoped to end DUIs on Central Coast, his father says

What a shame. A woman makes a horrible mistake and has to spend four years in state prison (Tribune, July 30) with little to do other than think of the life she ended.

My son, Matthew Frank, AKA SLO Stringer, had a second passion in life that he was never really able to pursue. He felt people in our county were smarter than the rest of the people around the country. After all, we were the first people in the nation to ban smoking in restaurants. Now no one smokes in restaurants in America.

The viewership on his website jumped to 118,000 the first day of the Chimney Fire. It went up from there. That’s half of the adults in our county. He thought, under his breath, that he may be able to virtually end DUIs here if he could get 150,000-200,000 addicted to his site every day. He never got the chance.

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