Letters to the Editor

Think before you ask for more info on Morro Bay sewer

The contention over the proposed Morro Bay sewer plant and expected costs to residents is an ongoing issues that has no end in sight. It is becoming reminiscent of the Los Osos sewer debacle that went on for years, ended up happening (and no, I’m sure not all were happy with the end choice) and now life is going on for the citizens of Los Osos, albeit at an exacerbated monthly fee because of the delays.

This is the direction Morro Bay is headed. Morro Bay’s public servants are being directed daily away from their jobs to retrieve information that the public is requesting. This disruption is time consuming and costly outside of the original issue, the new sewer.

Please consider what all is entailed when you ask for this information. At best, it should be provided at the expense of the persons requesting it. Stop holding up the inevitable, and let’s move on.

Stephen Doerr, San Luis Obispo