Letters to the Editor

By flying gay pride flag, History Center sent a message of inclusion

A critical issue lies in the consideration of the display of the pride flag at the SLO History Center and of representation of the LGBTQIA+ community at the center in general. Upon partnering with the Central Coast Queer Archive Project, the center sent out a message of inclusion and respect for the existence of all people and communities occupying SLO County.

This LGBTQIA+ representation was not a means of displaying political or social opinion or intent; this is act was merely another of valid curation of history as it exists within the county. Though it may not please some people, LGBTQIA+ individuals live and form a flourishing community within SLO, just as people with right-leaning ideology do.

The comment that compared the display of the pride flag to the display of a Russian/communist flag was out of context of the temporary display during SLO Pride, which is a county-recognized event conducted right in front of the center. There are no parades being done in the name of Russia in SLO, but there are events held by the Cal Poly Republicans, the presence of “the freedom of speech” wall, and multiple groups for community and organization around right wing ideology.

Leece LaRue, San Luis Obispo