Letters to the Editor

A call for compassion for all life

“The children, the children, I’ll not forget the children, no matter where they are, I’ll always see their little faces looking up at me.” (Anna and the King of Siam)

Across the world for over two weeks we all watched the drama unfolding in a Thai cave where a young soccer team and coach crouched on a ledge 2 miles from the entrance in a watery cave. Thousands of volunteers, some even risking their own lives, brought the 13 to safety. We rejoice!

Those boys hadn’t done any diving, and some of them didn’t even know how to swim. However, all of them had swum before in a watery environment: their mother’s amniotic sac.

May we all maintain that natural compassion for and devotion to young life. It is a spontaneous, authentic response, coming from deep within us, independent of any religious affiliation. Let us open our hearts to the unborn, awaiting a loving embrace in the world beyond their sacred dwelling place, the womb. May many thousands volunteer to ensure their safety and help the parents recognize the gift of life bestowed upon them.

Genevieve Mary Czech, San Luis Obispo