Letters to the Editor

SLO’s displaced mom-and-pop shops are welcome in South County

Dear San Luis Obispo,

Some of us down here in South County are wondering what your City Council and its advisory bodies are thinking, regarding your rapidly diminishing downtown architectural ambiance, most especially within your core business district. You seem so intent on constructing man-made, wind-tunnel canyons by continually approving additional skyscraper buildings that exclude your surrounding beautiful view corridors, limit natural sunlight and darken city streets and inviting yet more national chain stores, thus driving up rents and displacing those well-run mom-and-pop businesses!

We in the South County business district(s) will be quite happy to accommodate those mom-and-pop shops. You SLO folks just keep on driving them away, and we’ll keep on smiling. So, come on down, locally owned SLO businesses, we’ll welcome you with reasonable rents, open arms and support you with our patronage.

You SLO folks just keep on building those same unimaginative, overwhelming blocks of concrete behemoths, dwarfing SLO and by golly we’ll maybe send you a really nice thank you card!

Peter Keith, Arroyo Grande