Letters to the Editor

Thanks to the heroes and angels who saved my life

Let me start my letter the old fashion way, by saying what I did on my summer vacation.

I can say with undeniable conviction that I met heroes and guardian angels, and they are real and living amongst us. While visiting the area for my birthday/family vacation I suffered a cardiac arrest, collapsed lungs and was resuscitated four times.

The local fire department performed CPR and hurriedly transported me to French Hospital, where again CPR was performed. I was unconscious the whole time and don’t remember any of this or the prior three days of our trip. I was put into the ICU and coded two more times before I was somewhat stabilized and placed on life support. After eight days I awoke in pain, but alive.

I have made a remarkable and quick recovery but still have rehab to complete. The ICU nurses who took care of me are my guardian angels who saved my sanity, my soul and my life and, along with the Fire Department staff, I will forever be in debt to. Heroes and angels saved my life and my family.

Deborah G. White, Stockton