Letters to the Editor

Morro Bay’s water reclamation facility is getting close, and the ‘payoff is powerful’

Picturing Morro Bay’s future just got a little clearer. The site for a water reclamation facility is established, the environmental impact report is final, and a design-build contractor has been selected.

The cost to ratepayers is reasonable. (“$41 rate increase ‘reasonable’ to pay for Morro Bay water reclamation, study says,” Tribune, June 23). Morro Bay can now begin to lay the foundation for water security.

I support President Trump’s desire to improve our nation’s infrastructure, and I support the city’s plan to strengthen our local infrastructure. Indeed, federal aid will be used to bring clean water and jobs.

The payoff is powerful. We will experience the water independence upon which we can forecast and accommodate reasonable growth. We will avert fines and lawsuits and avoid polluting our ocean. Thoughts of drastic water limits and unknown, limitless future costs can be retired. Rising sea levels and storms will no longer threaten destruction of our water system.

The Water Reclamation Facility bringing 800 acre-feet of clean water will be evidence of community integrity. It will stoke our feeling of stewardship for the place we are so lucky to live in. And to picture that is going to be a vision realized.

Carol Swain, Morro Bay