Letters to the Editor

To be civil or to incite?

Tom Fulks
Tom Fulks

Could Tom Fulks be the epitome of the word “hypocrite”? (Do as I say, not as I do — a double doer, so to speak?)

As a fervent, zealous Democrat, it seems he can’t get away from his vitriolic style. Just look at his invective use of words regarding civility in Sunday’s editorial page!

Our president is the “most uncouth, unpleasant, uncivil, electorally illegitimate president in American history.”

“Hotheads always rail against the policy decisions of individual county officials … abetted regularly by the anonymous membership of COLAB and online trolls.”

President George W. Bush was guilty of “gross incompetence, endless wars and war profiteering.”

If you believe in controlling our borders as a Republican Christian, you’re abetting “the ripping of children from the arms of their mothers, some perhaps never to be returned?” (A procedure also used during the Obama administration.)

And then, if we do not agree on matters championed by Tom, it’s categorized as incivility.

Tom’s premise that incivility results when someone logically disagrees with his mantra limits reasoned discourse.

Come on Tom, own up to it, inciting is your goal — not civility.

F.G. Loversky, Arroyo Grande