Letters to the Editor

Assessor Tom Bordonaro’s frequent absences have hurt his department

SLO County Assessor Tom Bordonaro
SLO County Assessor Tom Bordonaro SanLuisObispo

With elections looming, I want to bring to light a longstanding situation most of the public is not aware of, but should be. Since I retired I can speak without fear of retribution as current employees and their families dare not.

County Assessor Tom Bordonaro has served four terms — 16 years — and at least half of that time has been in the process of undergoing or recovering from multiple surgeries. This has had quite a negative impact on the workings of the Assessor’s Office. Important decisions don’t get made in a timely manner, employees in the promotion process wait six months or more for resolution, quality employees leave. And the reason is there has been no leader because Mr. Bordonaro is not in the office. He has not been well, literally, for years. He is “working from home.”

As an employee, I was focused on the impact his absence had on the office, but of course, by extension, all taxpayers are affected by the bottlenecks, lowered morale and general malaise that has become the culture of the Assessor’s Office. Our county desperately needs a change, someone who is able to be in the office on a daily basis leading the Assessor’s Office and taking care of the business they were elected to do.

Linda Burgett, Templeton