Letters to the Editor

Hold Sheriff Parkinson accountable

SLO County Sheriff Ian Parkinson
SLO County Sheriff Ian Parkinson

Sheriff Parkinson’s Nipomo town hall meeting was disturbing. He and his fellow incumbents, Dan Dow and Lynn Compton, demonstrated their adherence to the Trumpist creed:

1. Instill fear of “others”

2. Refuse responsibility for negative outcomes related to your own decision making

3. Blame mental illness

Parkinson blames “others” — perpetuating fear of anyone who is different. He blames our county’s drug problems on drug cartels from south of the border and gangs from outside of the county. He blames school shootings on mental illness and educators who don’t do enough to help these boys when they are younger. He blames deaths in our county jail on laws approved by the people of California.

Parkinson found a scapegoat for everything.

He perpetuated the urban myth that one third of the homeless in our county “choose” to be homeless. He conflated mental illness and autism, connecting them (not guns) to school shooters.

Our community has now seen footage of what really happened to Andrew Holland. The culture of disrespect and cruelty has got to stop before more people die. Sheriff Parkinson and his cohort need to be held accountable.

Rosemary Wrenn, Shell Beach