Letters to the Editor

Tim Covello is the right choice for judge

Tim Covello
Tim Covello

The June 5 election of a San Luis Obispo County Superior Court judge will give county voters an important choice directly affecting the lives of crime victims, persons accused of crimes, young people in the juvenile court system, couples and children in family law cases, plaintiffs and defendants in civil cases, witnesses who testify in court and jurors who hear and decide cases. For all citizens, the candidate elected to serve on our bench will enhance — or detract from — the confidence and trust we have in our local judicial system for years to come.

Over the course of 21 years with the SLO District Attorney’s Office, I worked closely with Tim Covello on several complex and high-profile prosecutions (the Rex Allen Krebs case and the Dystiny Myers murder case), and for eight years we served together on the DA Management Team. Time and time again, Tim displayed dedication, strength of character, intelligence and sound judgment.

Whether in the courtroom, in meetings or witness interviews, Tim treated others with courtesy and respect. Those qualities and actions are essential in a judge and make Tim Covello the right choice for SLO Superior Judge on June 5.

Cindy Marie Absey, San Luis Obispo