Letters to the Editor

Fareed story was a ‘hit piece’

I’ve never seen a more blatant hit piece by a print reporter than the one Matt Fountain wrote on Justin Fareed. None of the three people quoted in his article are lawyers. Yet they rendered legal decisions in the court of public opinion. By what legal, moral or ethical right do they have to be police, prosecutor, judge and jury?

It’s one thing for a sensationalist reporter and the biased publication he works for to be protected from slander against a candidate for Congress. Fareed did make a conscious decision to re-enter the arena of politics where the other side will stop at nothing, even if that means writing a hit piece based off pure theory and insinuations. The voters of the Central Coast have the right to decide who they want representing them in D.C. based on information disseminated to them.

However, what right does Fountain, or anyone else, have to drag Fareed’s mother and aunt through the mud? They haven’t done anything wrong. So Fountain is essentially punishing Fareed for the business decisions of a man he has zero blood relation to, any personal relationship with, and doesn’t speak with. That is reckless journalism.

Elsa Dawson, San Luis Obispo