Letters to the Editor

Setting the record straight on Andrea Seastrand

Andrea Seastrand
Andrea Seastrand

As a former long-time union representative on the Central Coast, I was very aware of the NAFTA issue in the mid-1990s. I spoke to then Congresswoman Andrea Seastrand about the issue, and she stated her opposition to NAFTA due to her concerns that it would not be good for American businesses nor for American workers.

She was concerned the treaty would not provide a level playing field for them, and that businesses would relocate to other countries and American workers would be the big losers.

She held that opinion and voted no on NAFTA. Her opponent in the 1996 election was Dr. Walter Capps, who very strongly supported NAFTA. Surprisingly, he received the endorsement for Congress from the unions even though it was the their No. 1 issue to oppose.

Some 22 years later, Seastrand’s concerns definitely came to fruition. Businesses fled the country and American workers were the losers. That’s why I was surprised to read progressive Democrat Steve Lacki’s letter to the editor (Jan. 12) chastising Seastrand for California being the import hub for Chinese goods.

He identified the Walton family (Walmart) as one of Seastrand’s corporate benefactors. I want to remind everyone that big corporations supported NAFTA.

Again, Seastrand opposed NAFTA. Sorry Steve, get your facts straight.

Chris Ivey, San Miguel