Letters to the Editor

Proud to support Supervisor Lynn Compton — and lower taxes

Lynn Compton, left.
Lynn Compton, left. dmiddlecamp@thetribunenews.com

Thank you Steve Lacki (Letters, Jan. 12) for saying “the Democratic plan for road repairs is simple: If you use it, pay for it.” You just left out a few words. It’s more like “if you use, pay for it. And pay for it again. And again. And still again.”

It’s not a shortage of money. Talk about classic bait and switch.

The governor’s budget shows over a $6 billion surplus. Appears we’re being taxed too much. But Dems think the price you pay for living in our beautiful area is never high enough.

You and the progressives want more taxes, but no reforms. Why do you always want those who can least afford it — seniors on fixed incomes, struggling college students, etc. — to pay higher taxes?

Your statement about Andrea Seastrand having corporate benefactors is just laughable. Guess you can just throw any nonsense out there and hope some of it sticks. Steve, as one of the regional directors of the SLO Progressives, I would expect a bit more truthfulness from you.

And just so we’re clear: Yes, I’m a conservative who supports my incumbent Supervisor Lynn Compton for re-election, and proud of it.

Terri Stricklin, Nipomo