Letters to the Editor

Here’s what Democrats believe

People of the religious right often see things as black and white. One of their misperceptions is that the Republican Party is the party of Christians and the Democrats of nonbelievers.

While most atheists and agnostics tend to support liberal causes, a large percentage of Democrats are people of faith. They are enlightened Christians, Jews and members of other faiths who believe in both God and science, who believe a child molester or sexual predator should not hold public office, who support health care for all Americans, who are appalled by racism and discrimination based on religion or sexual orientation, who support the dreamers, who know climate change is not a hoax, who believe in strengthening ties with our allies rather than insulting them, who respect women and believe they should receive equal pay for equal work, who believe education is the foundation for a strong America, and who support the freedom of the media to seek the truth.

Democrats of all beliefs have a strong desire to support the sort of president who is honest and behaves with the dignity and humility befitting his high office.

Tom Bauer, Morro Bay