Letters to the Editor

Andrea Seastrand is right about gas tax

Andrea Seastrand.
Andrea Seastrand. dmiddlecamp@thetribunenews.com

I have no idea who Steve Lacki of Nipomo (“Andrea’s Seastrand’s take on gas tax all too predictable”) is, but I do know Andrea Seastrand very well.

To call her a “corporate shill” is not only insulting but shows your ignorance. First, if the Dems in Sacramento would release the money that Assemblyman Jordan Cunningham asked for in April to take care of our highways and roads, we would not have the biggest tax ever.

Our state government continually uses our gas tax money, and has for years, to pay for huge pensions, the bullet train and any other social program they deem worthy. Gov. Brown is touted for his budget on account of the money he wants to put away for a rainy day. But oh no! Please do not send any of it to the counties and cities for roads and highways!

So, Steve, it would not be “robbing the General Fund” to give our money back that we have already been taxed on for gas, and Ms. Seastrand was correct about Caltrans’ duplicity in robbing us of safe roads and highways, along with our Dems in Sacramento. You obviously feel our state government is doing a great job and do not mind that they are tripple-dipping into our pockets.

S.C. Tannler, Morro Bay