Letters to the Editor

Andrea Seastrand’s take on gas tax all too predictable

Andrea Seastrand.
Andrea Seastrand. dmiddlecamp@thetribunenews.com

Thank you, Andrea Seastrand, for being so transparent. Your Viewpoint, “California’s gas tax increase is ripe for repeal,” is right out of the Heritage Foundation’s and Republican’s game plan. The Democratic plan for road repairs is simple: If you use it, pay for it. That’s accomplished with one of two options, a gas tax or, as on the East Coast, toll roads. Andrea’s bait-and-switch is classic; follow the money.

Take three of her many corporate benefactors, the Walton family, commercial trucking and tourism. California is the import hub for Chinese goods. Why would the Waltons want their customers in Wakeeny, Kansas, to pay more for their cheap products transported through California? Why would commercial trucking corporations pay more to get products in and out of California? And why would the multimillion dollar tourist industry have their clients pay more to travel inside California? They don’t because corporate shills like Andrea and Jordan Cunningham dupe the public to believe any tax is bad and that it’s better to rob the General Fund. Then, when the Republicans bust a budget they say, “See, government doesn’t work.”

Don’t be fooled. Andrea doesn’t work for the common citizen. When her corporate benefactors say jump Andrea says, “How high?”

Steve Lacki, Nipomo