Letters to the Editor

Oceano needs help, and Jimmy Paulding can provide it

Jimmy Paulding
Jimmy Paulding

Four years ago, my husband and I moved to the beautiful Central Coast of California. We love to hike the hills and bike the coastline. On our trips through Oceano, we can’t help but wonder why this potentially beautiful coastal town looks so sad.

With miles of inviting sand dunes offering plentiful family activities, what is the problem? To gain some understanding I attended a Nov. 8 community workshop sponsored by Jimmy Paulding, candidate for 4th District Supervisor.

The attendees were a diverse group of Oceano seniors, young couples and families. Their passion was palpable as they raised concerns about their community. My takeaway was this is a wonderful, family-oriented community that deserves better. Why do residents continue to suffer from flooding after rain storms? Where are the sidewalks and bike paths to keep them safe? Why is there such limited coastal access?

According to California State Parks, the OHV riders bring in millions of dollars of revenue to their park. Oceano does not see those financial benefits, but does see the trash left behind.

What has Lynn Compton accomplished as supervisor for the people of Oceano? Not much. It’s obvious Jimmy Paulding cares. Oceano needs that kind of representation.

Ronda McKible, Nipomo