Letters to the Editor

U.S. stands alone on climate change

I was encouraged when I read, “France’s Macron takes lead in climate change battle,” (Tribune, Dec. 13). With or without the U.S., France, the other countries and some private investors are working together to slow the world’s rising temperature. We are now the only nation not a part of the Paris climate pact. That is ironic since the U.S. is a major emitter of the green house gases that cause climate change.

In less than a year, the U.S. has gone from being a world leader in fighting climate change to refusing to participate. In fact, the president, the head of the EPA and Congress are encouraging more drilling and mining and burning of fossil fuels, which will further warm the earth. This makes me angry and frightened.

I am fearful about the future of the planet, but I am also fearful that the U.S. has lost its place as a world leader. If we want to see the headline in 2018 read, “The U.S. takes lead in climate change battle,” then citizens must vote with the climate in mind.

Karen Wiles, San Luis Obispo