Letters to the Editor

Thanks to Tribune delivery person, paper ‘thief’ is thwarted

We live in a great neighborhood, with considerate, thoughtful neighbors who watch out for each other, and one exuberantly friendly golden retriever that is also an incorrigible paper thief.

Many times over the last few years, I have threatened to cancel my Tribune subscription over your editorial positions and choices. I’ve come closest to cancellation, however, over the frustration of not finding my paper in the morning, having to dig it out of the golden’s favorite burying spot in its yard, or having it redelivered by the golden’s owner a day or two late. We’ve tried several tactics to outwit this thief, only to find that she figures them all out, collects all the papers she can find each morning and brings them dutifully into her own yard.

Enter our paper delivery person. Over the course of a week, she worked patiently with us to come up with a thief barrier solution that is actually working. It’s extra effort on her part but greatly appreciated by us neighbors. With good people like her on the job and a few more articles like those of Mr. Steve Provost and Mr. Victor Davis Hanson in the Dec. 14 edition, I’ll remain a subscriber. Thank you!

Gary J. Brennan, Arroyo Grande