Letters to the Editor

Letter makes false claims about Mothers for Peace

In reply to the letter titled “ Numbskulls are trying to put Diablo Canyon out of business” (Dec. 2) some factual corrections are in order.

The decision to shut down Diablo Canyon was made by plant owner Pacific Gas and Electric Company, announced in June 2016. PG&E explained that its decision was based on economic considerations.

The “settlement” the letter-writer refers to is the Joint Proposal authored by PG&E, with the support of four other organizations. Mothers for Peace was not involved in the drafting of the Joint Proposal. We learned of it only when PG&E made its public announcement.

Mothers for Peace for years petitioned the federal regulator, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, to shut down Diablo Canyon because of safety risks. The 13 earthquake faults surrounding the plant site make it a high-risk location. And the possible consequences of terrorist attack, or human or mechanical failure at either of the two nuclear reactors would be catastrophic. The marine environment is also being severely damaged, as Diablo’s once-through cooling system is responsible for 80 percent of the man-caused kill of marine life on the California coast. But neither PG&E nor the California Public Utilities Commission is considering safety or environmental issues as PG&E’s proposal for closure are evaluated.

The author of the Dec. 2 letter is entitled to his opinions, but not to alternative facts.

Jane Swanson, spokesperson, San Luis Obispo Mothers for Peace