Letters to the Editor

Seeking the truth about Diablo Canyon

The Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power Plant in Avila Beach.
The Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power Plant in Avila Beach. dmiddlecamp@thetribunenews.com

All of us who have kids, or who have ever been a kid, probably know that there is a difference between saying something that is true and being truthful. For everyone who has voiced concern over the future of Diablo Canyon, I hope you can discern the difference, and perhaps use the strategy of a mother trying to coax truthfulness from her child.

Is it true that PG&E no longer needs power from the Diablo Canyon nuclear power plant? Sure. But ask yourself why. PG&E is losing customers and has renewable energy goals to meet that don’t include nuclear.

So Diablo gets in the way. Does California still need power from Diablo? You bet we do. I doubled my electric bill a few months ago by buying an electric car. California needs more emission-free electricity, not less.

Is it true that PG&E will try to replace Diablo with other emission-free sources? Sure. “Try” is the key word. Trying and failing is a perfectly legitimate option.

Are employees really resigned to the closure? Sure. But that’s been pretty easy with the prospect of 25 percent higher pay for seven years. What will they think now with half the money originally promised to them?

Same goes for the community support. Does the utility really care? Yes. They care about their reputation, especially when their other lines of business outside nuclear are having such struggles.

Please ask yourself about the motivations of all involved parties, and stand up for truthfulness, not just inconvenient truths.

Heather Matteson, San Luis Obispo

Editor’s note: Matteson is a Diablo Canyon employee and a co-founder of MothersforNuclear.org.