Letters to the Editor

Greed stymies efforts to pass effective gun control laws

In 1956, two airliners carrying 128 people collided over the Grand Canyon. There were no survivors. In response, our lawmakers created an air traffic control system that became the most efficient and safest in the world, unleashing impressive American creative drive and ingenuity.

In 2017, our mass shootings are reaching death tolls that may soon exceed those from an airliner collision. Today — now that lobbyists fund elections, often picking their own candidates — our legislative response is gridlock, a gridlock exacerbated by unfortunate Supreme Court decisions favoring the almighty dollar.

The response to catastrophe in 1956 did not eliminate airliners nor shun their regulation. Our response in 2017 should not eliminate guns nor shun their regulation. To unleash America’s drive and ingenuity today, what must be eliminated is the financial quicksand our legislators and courts have created, a quicksand of filthy lucre in which they are stuck and through which we all risk sinking.

Dan Biezad, San Luis Obispo