Letters to the Editor

Bam! Cal Poly now charges for handicapped parking at sporting events

I’ve been attending Cal Poly football since the 1970s; the last 10 years I’ve been using a handicapped placard to park. Never paid for parking.

At one recent game — bam — $10. A simple verbal heads up at the previous game would have been considerate. Naw, just bam, cough up the dough ’cause we’re all rich on the Central Coast.

Here’s some news for Poly: Many of us handicapped are elderly and on fixed incomes. Thank you so much Jeff Armstrong, Tim Walsh and the university for finding a new, vulnerable source for a few bucks. Great P.R.

Guess your gratitude has gone the way of the season — losing.

Walter Wald, Arroyo Grande

Editor’s note: The Tribune invited Cal Poly to respond and it declined to do so.