Letters to the Editor

Dune riding is a risky way to ‘celebrate life’

Oceano Dunes.
Oceano Dunes.

In a Sept. 21 letter, Dave Ekbom wrote, “Thank you to the millions of people who join us on the beach each year and choose this form of recreation to celebrate life.”

Dune riding, a celebration of life? Really? A quick Google search noted a 2010 article published in The Tribune that found otherwise. It quoted what Dr. Larry Foreman, a longtime employee of Arroyo Grand Community Hospital, experienced when he was on shift at the emergency room in 2004, the Sunday after Labor Day when three young people — all under age 10 — came in with injuries suffered at the dunes.

He began to track children’s injuries and recorded 230 in 2004 and 2005 for youths under age 14.

Among his findings:

▪ 61 of the injured were female, 169 male

▪ 71 had fractures of the wrist, femur or spine

▪ 36 had “significant” lacerations

▪ 15 were younger than 7; three were 4 years old.

Foreman stressed that these are only the injuries Arroyo Grande hospital treated.

Mr. Ekbom ends his letter with: “May they (those who oppose Dune riding) find the peace and recreation they need without destroying ours.”

Considering the deaths and injuries on the dunes, I wonder what kind of peace he’s alluding to?

Laurance Shinderman, Nipomo