Letters to the Editor

How about a later start time for local schools?

Elementary school students in Lincoln, Nebraska.
Elementary school students in Lincoln, Nebraska. The Associated Press

“Sleep-deprived zombies” are protected by these science-denying groups: California School Boards and the California Teachers Association.

I agree with Dan Walters’ opinion, “California Legislature refuses to act on behalf of ‘sleep deprived zombies.’ 

The needs of sleep-deprived teenagers were second to those of the adults in our educational system when this bill was defeated in the Assembly. Apparently, the Assembly was won over by the school boards’ lobby in spite of overwhelmingly rational and scientific data supporting later start times for junior high and high school students.

Teens are hard-wired to stay up late, according to Stanford’s Center for Sleep Sciences and other scientific studies noted by Dan Walters’ opinion piece. Teens cannot make up lost sleep by going to bed earlier. If local control is the arena for this topic, ask your local school board why late start cannot be accomplished for the health and psychological benefit of teenagers, as proved by scientific studies on sleep disorders.

Seems science is being denied by educators and school boards. What about our local school boards?

Mary Lou Johnson, San Luis Obispo