Letters to the Editor

Oceano Dunes are a major tourist attraction and recreation opportunity

Oceano Dunes.
Oceano Dunes.

Thank God for creating this wonderful area we live in. Thank you for the beautiful beaches and dunes so many of us use and enjoy with our families.

Thank you to our State Parks and Recreation personnel who provide us with a safe and fun place to recreate with our friends and families. Thank you to our city leaders who understand that the full variety of beach uses needs to be available for the benefit of all of their constituents, also to our city leaders who recognize the huge benefits a major tourist attraction brings to our community.

Thank you to the millions of people who join us on the beach each year and choose this form of recreation to celebrate life.

Please forgive those few who seek to deny this opportunity for so many. May they find the peace and recreation they need without destroying ours.

Dave Ekbom, Grover Beach