Letters to the Editor

Climate change is real. Believe it.

When science can predict a solar or lunar eclipse, when it can alert inhabitants of the impending path of a hurricane, cure diseases, or create those creature comforts we have come to rely on, everyone is in awe. Those who practice the scientific method are heroes.

Unfortunately, that is often where awareness ends and ignorance rears its ugly head.

When it comes to climate change, too many Americans would rather believe politicians with a certain agenda rather than virtually every scientist on the planet. When the president says "hoax," then hoax becomes law. When deregulations are put into place, justice is served. When we leave the Paris Accords, it is America first, the future of our planet be damned.

Temperatures are soaring, seas are rising, and hurricanes strike with increasing power. We no longer live in the dark ages when science was equated with witchcraft or alchemy. We are supposed to be living in a time when science and rational thinking have created an era of enlightenment. I hope we're not regressing.

Tom Bauer, Morro Bay