Letters to the Editor

Where do local representatives stand on DACA?

Salud Carbajal.
Salud Carbajal.

I really appreciated the Sept. 8 letter to the editor from our mayor, Heidi Harmon, in support of DACA. I understand Rep. Salud Carbajal also is in strong support of The Dreamers … but where are our other elected representatives? They should speak up.

Let’s keep San Luis Obispo a friendly place — a place that shows respect to everyone. How about we here in San Luis Obispo practice the Golden Rule? Let’s treat everyone — no matter where or when they were born — exactly the same way we’d like to be treated ourselves.

To deport honest, hardworking young students who have lived here almost their entire lives? That’s a sick, mean, no-class idea and certainly not one that represents me, my family and all my friends who live here.

Tom Ogren, San Luis Obispo