Letters to the Editor

What Democrats really stand for

Ah, yes. The Democratic Party is the party of hypocrisy because it calls for the removal of Confederate monuments when, after all, it’s “part of the history of racism.” Here is your history homework, Martin Arfa (“Better change your name, Democrats,” Sept. 10). Research the Southern Strategy, the truth about “voter fraud,” the shame known as gerrymandering, the removal of polling places in areas where minorities live, savage economic inequality, the recent dismantling of the Civil Rights Act and the truth about GOP-led rampant voter suppression.

I’m not so sure that “what Democrats stand for” is something for which I or any other Democrat should be ashamed right now. Maybe we should call ourselves the Indivisibles, because this group will continue to actively and vigilantly advocate for liberty and justice for all.

Mary Donnelly, San Luis Obispo