Letters to the Editor

Thanks for giving us the truth about climate change, Tribune

This morning’s paper (Sunday, Sept. 10) was a breath of fresh air. While huge storms were raging, The Tribune ran two articles which soothed me with the truth. Leonard Pitts’ op-ed described the ferocity of this chain of hurricanes and tied them to global warming.

I love his analogy comparing the relationship of unprecedented weather events as they relate to climate change to the relationship between aging and both arthritis and bad eyesight. “In both cases it doesn’t cause them but makes them more likely and exacerbates them when they occur.” Well said, Leonard Pitts. Thank you.

And John Lindsey’s column, “What you need to know about those megastorms,” describes beautifully what scientists have been saying results from burning fossil fuel, summing it up with the words, “As the atmosphere and oceans continue to warm, storms are expected to become more intense.”

Clear and simply put. I’m reassured by his promise to help us reduce our carbon footprint and “transition to a low carbon economy.” With a flood of relief I realize the shift that needs to happen has begun.

Susan Dodd, Cayucos