Letters to the Editor

Columnist Tom Fulks still isn’t listening

Tom Fulks
Tom Fulks dmiddlecamp@thetribunenews.com

I’m glad Tom Fulks denounced antifa thugs in his latest column (“I’ve denounced antifa. Why can’t local Republicans denounce Nazis and KKK?”), although his sincerity is questionable. His writings suggest his condemnation is half-hearted, even though Homeland Security has listed antifa as a domestic terrorist group. His intellectual defense cites “antifa has no record of murder, cross burning …Kristallnacht, genocide …”

True, not yet. Neither did Hitler’s Nazis in the 1920s; their bloodbath didn’t begin in earnest until they gained political power in the 1930s.

Mr. Fulks continues to tar brush local Republicans for not stating the obvious, that we oppose the KKK, Nazis, et al. Some things don’t have to be continually refought. The FBI destroyed the Klan (a bastion of Democratic Party politics) in the 1960s; the Nazis haven’t been a viable political force in American politics since Pearl Harbor.

Fulks faults supervisors for not being present at a vigil, discounting that two were out of the area on county business and a third had prior commitments.

He still doesn’t listen.

Republicans attended the vigil, including members of the Republican Central Committee. We didn’t wear signs announcing our presence; it wasn’t about us. Outrage and grief over loss of innocent life is an American response, not limited to one political party.

Al Fonzi, Atascadero