Letters to the Editor

Assemblyman Jordan Cunningham should support ‘sanctuary state’ bill

We are disappointed to hear that Assemblyman Jordan Cunningham does not support SB54 (the “sanctuary state” bill). Cunningham presents himself as an advocate for public safety, so it is unfortunate that he opposes a bill that would help protect the Central Coast from the disproportional and violent actions of ICE.

At his February open house, Cunningham claimed that he could not support the bill because it would result in dangerous criminals being released into the community. Since then, the bill has been amended to allow local police to contact ICE in cases involving convicted violent felons. This addresses Cunningham’s concerns, yet he continues to perpetuate the myth that this bill will make our communities less safe.

The president’s decision to end DACA creates additional urgency to pass SB54 and protect our undocumented neighbors. We need a representative who truly cares about the entire Central Coast and who is willing to stand up and fight for all of us, especially those most vulnerable.

Andy Specht and Adrienne Garcia-Specht, Arroyo Grande